Volunteer Spotlight: Marvella Hyatt Regional Volunteer Screener

By Sue Toomey/American Red Cross
The American Red Cross depends on dedicated volunteers to fulfill itsmission and has a variety of volunteer positions available to accommodate whatever your schedule may be. One volunteer opportunity available is that of a Regional Volunteer Screener.
Marvella Hyatt began volunteering with the Red Cross in October of 2017. “I chose the Red Cross because they are always present in the community, whether it be for disaster preparedness or disaster response. It’s a diverse organization that I wanted to be part of.”
Marvella Hyatt

Marvella began serving for the Red Cross as a Blood Donor Ambassador and then became a Regional Volunteer Screener. As a Volunteer Screener, she works remotely, using a cell phone and laptop, and typically works about four hours a week. She engages new volunteers as quickly as possible, by interviewing them over the phone to learn more about their skills, hobbies, interests, and availability to match them with a specific position within the Red Cross. Once the appropriate position is determined, the application is then referred to that department for additional consideration.

“We refer individuals across all lines of service,” Marvella said. “We typically get an influx of volunteers during hurricane season, but sometimes deployment may not be a good match for the prospective volunteer. In that case, we help them find an available opportunity more suited to their skills and availability.”
The Volunteer Screeners are managed by Beth Healey (Director of Volunteer Services) and Harriet McClay (Screening Lead), and the program is growing. “We are always looking for more volunteers to be trained as screeners,” Marvella said.
For more information on becoming a Regional Volunteer Screener for Connecticut and Rhode Island and all other volunteering opportunities,visit www.redcross.org/volunteer.

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