Heroes in Action: Cigna, American Red Cross Blood Drive Sponsor

On Saturday, March 23, 2019, the American Red Cross in Connecticut and Rhode Island will honor blood drive sponsors, blood drive volunteers and blood donors who help save lives at the 14th Annual Red Cross Heroes Ball. To celebrate, we will be hosting a series “Heroes in Action,” on our blog. The series will highlight some of our Red Cross Ball Heroes and share how you can get involved.


At this year’s Red Cross Heroes Ball, we are thrilled to be honoring some of our most dedicated and generous blood drive sponsors. Blood drive sponsors are organizations or individuals who work with the Red Cross to find locations to host blood drives and help recruit blood donors from their networks or through their employee base. We recently caught up with one of our blood drive sponsors and one of this year’s Red Cross Heroes Ball Honorees. We recently caught up with Judy Hartling from Cigna’s Civic Affairs Department for a little Q&A on Cigna’s history with blood drives and this year’s Red Cross Heroes Ball.

Q: What made the organization want to become involved with the Red Cross by hosting blood drives? Why is it so important to Cigna?

A:  The company has a strong culture of giving back through community service. Helping to build healthy communities is an extension of our mission to help people improve their health, well-being and peace of mind. Cigna’s employees are very involved in their Printcommunities and eager to help others. Working with Red Cross to bring blood drives to the workplace makes it convenient for employees to donate blood and literally help save lives.

Q: What would you say to someone who is hesitant to sponsor blood drives? 

A: Supporting American Red Cross blood drives is one of the most impactful ways a company can make a difference in their communities. It enables your employees to literally give the gift of life to people whose health is endangered. Red Cross is easy to work with and their blood drive teams are professional and efficient.

Q: How did you feel when you found out Cigna was being honored as one of the “Heroes” for the 2019 Red Cross Heroes Ball?

A: It felt great! Cigna is so proud to work with Red Cross. While we’re very grateful for this honor, and appreciate this recognition so much, the honor should really go to the Red Cross itself for the amazing work they do to ensure a safe blood supply is available for people who need it.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about the 2019 Red Cross Heroes Ball? 

A: Some of our most fervent blood drive volunteers will attend the ball. The night is really about them – so I look forward to celebrating my colleagues who work passionately to improve health, well-being and peace of mind for people who need blood.

Q: If you could tell a reader of this blog one thing about the Red Cross, donating blood or sponsoring a blood drive what would it be?

A: DO IT! The need is great and the impact is real.

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