The American Red Cross Connecticut presents Sound the Alarm 2019

The American Red Cross in Connecticut is hosting its annual Sound the Alarm. Save a Life. event in New Haven, Connecticut on April 27, 2019. From 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Red Cross volunteers will go door to door installing free smoke alarms into local homes. Last year, the Red Cross installed 5,300 smoke alarms in Connecticut homes as part of the Red Cross Home Fire Campaign and installed more than 1,000 FREE smoke alarms in New Haven during the 2018 Sound the Alarm event. Will you join us to do it again?

Every day, the Red Cross responds to an average of two home fires in Connecticut. It is crucial to be prepared for disaster at all times. Having a working smoke alarm cuts the risk of dying in a home fire by half! This is why volunteers like Joyce Bullock decided to take action!

Volunteer Spotlight: Joyce Bullock, Home Fire Campaign

Meet Red Crosser Joyce Bullock

Joyce Bullock has been a local Red Cross volunteer for a little over a year. Currently, she is positioned as a Volunteer Coordinator, and takes part in running the Home Fire Campaign in the Greater New Haven area. Joyce participated in last year’s Sound the Alarm event, where she contributed to the installation of smoke alarms in Connecticut.

Joyce Bullock, Red Cross Home Fire Campaign Volunteer

“I was recently retired and trying to find something I could do to give back to the community,” said Joyce. “A friend of mine suggested the American Red Cross, and I began looking into the programs available. From there, I signed on, which has given me the ability to develop connections within the community.”

Experiencing Sound the Alarm

Reflecting on her experience with the Sound the Alarm, Joyce explained how rewarding it is to have discussions with local members of the community. She encourages them to consider methods for preparation for disaster to keep their families safe. Joyce explained how surprised she was last year when she realized that many people had never thought about a plan for a possible disaster.

“I love it when I go into homes, and I’m able to sit and talk with people to provide information that people hadn’t thought about,” she said. “The smoke alarm becomes a part of your home. It becomes a safety valve for your family.”

Joyce praised the Red Cross for helping all people. She explained how our volunteers simply wanting to create a safe environment in each home and for the community. Joyce mentioned that the Sound the Alarm events and the installation of free smoke alarms is open to anyone in the community, and encourages people to make an appointment by visiting Joyce is eager to participate in this year’s Sound the Alarm event on April 27 to continue keeping families and their homes safe.

Become a Volunteer

Joyce encourages others to get involved with the American Red Cross in the areas that they are most passionate about.

“To represent the Red Cross is truly rewarding,” said Joyce. “We can provide somebody

Getting Ready
Volunteers who helped install more than 1,170 free smoke alarms in the Greater New Haven area as part of the Red Cross Sound the Alarm. Save a Life. event in 2018.

with a feeling of safety, so that they can be more comfortable in their home and know they are being protected by their community. These volunteers are taking care of the community residents.”

Last year, more than 300 volunteers supported the Sound the Alarm. Save a Life. event in New Haven. You can be a part of this amazing event by volunteering with us this year! Sign up to volunteer as an individual or group and spend the day making homes safer in Greater New Haven! To sign up to volunteer for the April 27 event in New Haven, visit



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