On Mission in Norwalk, Connecticut

The American Red Cross sounded the alarm to save lives in Norwalk on Wednesday, June 26.  More than 40 volunteers worked together under the hot sun to carry ladders, smoke alarms and fire safety information into homes.  Together with volunteers from AvalonBay, GE, ServPro and Wells Fargo, more than 140 smoke alarms were installed in 49 homes.  It was a great Red Cross day.

IMG_1079Leading up to the event a team of staff and volunteers went door-to-door in Norwalk neighborhoods to canvass and sign up residents for appointments.  This amazing team included Zuzana Abelova, Patty Burke, Andre Dacosta, Jim Davis, Julie Nocek and Ursula Sowinski.  The team shared information about the Sound The Alarm. Save A Life. program with families and registered them to have FREE smoke alarms installed in their homes on June 26.

In Connecticut, the Red Cross responds on average to two home fires each day.  Sound The Alarm. Save A Life events take IMG_1067place year-round in Connecticut and are part of a nationwide program.  Since the program began in 2014, more than 1.8 million smoke alarms have been installed in homes across the country.  Click HERE to make an appointment to have FREE alarms installed in your home.

The generosity of donors and volunteers who carry out 90% of the work of the Red Cross make this program possible.  True humanitarian work is simply neighbors helping neighbors and this, is the American Red Cross.

Team 8 (002)


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