Volunteer Spotlight: Birdie D’Andrea, Blood Donor Ambassador

By: Meg Aldrich, American Red Cross

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. The need for blood remains constant, but blood drives continue to cancel due to COVID-19. Blood Donor Ambassadors are key to helping the American Red Cross maintain a sufficient blood supply.

For the past year, Blood Donor Ambassador Birdie D’Andrea has been welcoming donors to Red Cross blood drives and directing them to the check in and donation stations.  The role recently added a new element- temperature screenings. Blood Donor Ambassadors,

Birdie Headshot
Birdie D’Andrea, Red Cross Volunteer Blood Donor Ambassador

like Birdie, now take donor temperatures in a quick, contact-less process.  Red Cross Blood Donor Ambassadors are essential to helping keep blood donors, employees, volunteers, and the blood supply is safe.

“The training was straight-forward and easy to understand,” Birdie noted. In addition to the instruction session, a simple Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet and Red Cross Staff provide all the help needed. Birdie is an experienced critical care nurse but is quick to point out that medical experience is unnecessary for the Blood Donor Ambassador role.

Over the past few months, the Red Cross has been hearing from people wanting to help their communities in a safe way.  Birdie added, “Contributing to the common good is more important than ever right now. I’m a strong believer in volunteerism. My role is uncomplicated to perform but very rewarding.”

Interested in volunteering as a Blood Donor Ambassador or another Red Cross role? Visit www.redcross.org/volunteer.

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