The Gift of Blood

Story By: Jonathan Sandstrom, American Red Cross

ChalkTalk SPORTS began in 1995 when Julie Lynn, a mom from New Canaan, Connecticut inspired by shuttling her three boys to various games, decided to make a line of sports tee-shirts and a hockey board game in her garage. The company went online in 2003 and soon after Julie’s husband Tom and their sons Ryan and Chris joined the business. “Playing sports was not just a pastime for us, but rather a lifestyle.”

The company recently supported the American Red Cross through their sister company,

Blood transfusions saved her son’s life. In return, Julie and her family stepped up to help save others. Picture provided by ChalkTalk SPORTS.

“This extraordinary organization saved our youngest son’s life, so it is very dear to our heart. Due to an unknown rare blood antigen incompatibility we lost our third son. This same incompatibility risked the life of our fourth son at 30 weeks. If it wasn’t for the amazing work of the American Red Cross to find and make available two prenatal blood transfusions which saved his life, he wouldn’t be with us today,” Julie said.

When COVID-19 hit, began the ‘Running Is Not Canceled’ Virtual 5K Race. Participants signed up to run 3.1 miles when and wherever they could. Five dollars from every race purchase and select tee-shirt purchases were then donated to the Red Cross.

In total the company raised over $21,000 from these promotions. From collecting blood to responding to daily home fires, this donation has helped the Red Cross continue to deliver its lifesaving mission during this challenging time.

January is National Blood Donor Month. Make an appointment to give blood by downloading the free Blood Donor App, visiting or calling 1-800-RED CROSS.

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