Local Lifeguards Jump into Action to Help Save A Life

By Jalen Coleman, American Red Cross

The lifeguards with their Lifesaving Awards (left to right): Raelynne Andrews, Madison Shea, Sophia Gomez and Lindsey Majors.

When a situation arises where someone’s life is in peril, lifesaving efforts must be executed with absolute care. On May 22, 2021, four lifeguards from Dennis Malone Aquatics Center in Bristol, Connecticut did just that. Lindsey Majors, Sophia Gomez, Madison Shea and Raelynne Andrews are all trained in Red Cross lifesaving classes and used their skills to work together to help save a life of a man who had fallen unconscious.

What started off as a normal Saturday at work changed when a man was seen leaving the locker room expressing that he was having trouble breathing. He took a seat in the Aquatics Center as he quickly proceeded to lose consciousness. After checking for signs of life, Sophia and Lindsey noticed the patron had lost his pulse. The team continued to work together as Sophia began performing compressions while Lindsey began ventilations. Madison brought over the automated external defibrillator (AED) from the lobby and followed instructions to place the pads on the man’s chest. After analyzing him, the AED performed shocks followed by two rounds of CPR performed by Sophia and Lindsey. Moments later, signs of life returned to the patron. While EMS were en route the man regained consciousness. Soon after, EMS arrived on the scene. Because of the courageous act of this trained team, without a doubt, this man’s life was saved.

”I can’t explain the happiness I felt when the paramedics told us that he had survived,” Lindsey shared. “Looking back, I am so thankful for the high level of training we have at our pool. I never questioned what to do next or if what I was doing was the right step. I instinctively knew what I had to do next.”

Lindsey gives credit to the Aquatics Supervisor, Jaimie Clout, for her leadership. ”I thank our Aquatics Supervisor, Jaimie. She has brought the training at our facilities to the next level and makes sure that her management staff holds high standards for all in-services. Jaimie truly inspires the best out of her staff.”

In honor of their brave actions, Lindsey, Sophia, Madison and Raelynne were presented the Certificate of Extraordinary Personal Action, awarded to Red Cross trained individuals who step up in an emergency situation and help save or sustain a life. The four lifeguards were nominated for this award by Jaimie Clout.

“You all exemplify what it means to take action and help save a life,” Mario Bruno, CEO, American Red Cross Connecticut and Rhode Island Region, said during a virtual recognition ceremony. “Thank you so much for being the heroes that you are.”

Thank you to the lifeguards of Dennis Malone Aquatics Center for your efforts to help make our community safer.

Nominate a lifesaving hero today at https://www.redcross.org/take-a-class/lifesaving

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