Mother Advocates for Blood Donations After Receiving Lifesaving Transfusions

Story by Samantha Miller, testimonial by Sarah

In 2021, Sarah underwent a traumatic experience during the delivery of her son and needed lifesaving blood transfusions. Reflecting back on this day, she shares how it opened her eyes to the constant need for blood and the generosity of donors:

“I was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome (hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelets) just before the delivery of my son. I was sent in for an emergency C-section due to my son being in distress, and upon beginning the surgery it was discovered that I was bleeding internally. This disorder affects the liver and my case was so severe that my liver ruptured. I also had very low platelets. 

Because of this, I needed multiple blood transfusions and surgeries to save my life. The people whose blood products I was given saved two lives that day and I am forever grateful. Had it not been for their selfless generosity, I would not be here today raising my beautiful son. 

Unfortunately it took this traumatic event for me to realize the critical need for blood products. Please consider becoming a blood donor today. Your donation truly does matter and you will save lives.”

An appointment made could be a life saved. Find a blood drive near you and make an appointment today at

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